Hidden in Plain Sight is a Mind Drawing by Jenni L Ivins that explores negative and positive space and how people see.

Hidden in Plain Sight ~ an important Mind Drawing

This is a key work in my Mind Drawing journey, because it is through this work that I discovered people do not always see the same way. When I was preparing the consignment notice for my first solo exhibition (at Brunswick Street Gallery), my daughter asked me why I had given this drawing the title, Hidden in Plain Sight. I thought the answer was obvious, but apparently not so!

Before I explain why, consider the first thing you noticed in this picture.

I have asked this question of many visitors to my exhibitions, with great interest in the results. To date about 90% of viewers see the figure in the negative space first. My daughter was not in that group.

I have asked two people at the same time, standing side by side so the picture was viewed in the same light and at the same distance – and they gave different answers – then each immediately set about showing the other what they could see, trying to get them to share their view. I find this most interesting and I see it as a metaphor for life. Friends want to express their perspective with the aim of mutual understanding. I am keen to continue to explore this phenomenon through my Mind Drawings.

What did you notice first? Did you see the figure in the negative space? Or were you one of the 10% who noticed the trees? Or maybe you saw something else? I encourage you to leave a comment below. Leave your name and email address if you would like to receive occasional updates about my Mind Drawing development.


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