Jenni L Ivins Mind Drawing

The Unknown Artist and Writer – day 1

I started this blog to outline my journey to success in a vibrant and sustainable arts business.

I have included the URL of this site in my application for an ArtStart grant from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Hello Panel of Peers!

Thank you for considering my application (along with the many other applications that will have been submitted). I hope you enjoy visiting my site and looking at, and into, my work.

The title is relative; I am not completely unknown.

Some already know me for my past writing accomplishments, I shan’t go into detail here because I graduated from the Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing and Editing) too many years ago for that qualification to contribute to my eligibility for this grant. Though writing is not the focus of this application, I mention it because the skills developed and subsequent experience gained, support and enrich my Arts practice.

I am also known within my local communities, having participated in many arts groups and working with children and youth.

In recent years I have started to be known locally through my Visual Arts practice, too. In the Diploma of Visual Art and the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development I applied what I was learning thus establishing professional work habits and making connections that I have continued to build upon since graduation.

I am one of five community representatives on the Cardinia Shire Arts and Culture Reference Group.


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